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Our school aim is to have all students wear full school uniform to develop a feeling of pride in belonging to the school and to promote safety, equity and cancer protection policies.  The majority of students want to look good and are proud of our school.  On special occasions and for special events, there are 30 School Blazers and ties for students to borrow.

Failure to wear uniform on 5 separate occasions will lead to a lunchtime detention, 10 separate occasions to 3 lunchtime detentions and after 15 separate occasions, you are not permitted to take part in any extra-curricula activities not related to course curricula.

Please Note:  Closed shoes are required in all Department schools for safety reasons.  Laboratory, workshops, art rooms and kitchens cannot be entered in open shoes, even if you have a valid reason for open shoes.

All uniform items should have no logos or advertising and no stripes

Coloured undergarments should not be seen.

Year 12 Special Uniform

Generally each year, Yr 12 students seek permission to have a commemorative uniform item (Jacket/Jumper).  This is organised by the Year Adviser in conjunction with students.

Variations for Particular Sports

The school provides special uniform items for some sports.  Coaches will let you know.


It should be noted that large earrings and bracelets are dangerous under school conditions and should not be worn.


It is expected that uniform is to be worn on all excursions unless the Principal approves alternative dress.

Uniform Suppliers in Ballina

School Locker - 26 Boeing Avenue, BALLINA

Senior & junior school shirts, skirts, shorts, socks, jackets.

Most clothing stores in Ballina stock plain navy shorts, skirts, slacks, trousers, sweaters, sloppy joes, jackets and tracksuits.

Please see the Uniform Price List for the new school uniform for Ballina Coast High School from School Locker.

View the Ballina Coast High School uniform on the School Locker Website.

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