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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

At Ballina Coast High School, SRE is delivered in 3 components:-

1. One day per fortnight students attend during Hub time – Year 7 Monday, Year 8 Wednesday, Year 9 Thursday and Year 10 Friday.

2. Twice per term each year group are taken from either - English, Mathematics, Science and HSIE for 1 period. Non SRE students are supervised by their teachers and allowed to do private study or homework.

3. Twice per term usually in weeks 5 and 9 all SRE students from Year 7 to 10 attend a seminar during period 4 Wednesday. Non SRE students are supervised by their teachers and allowed to do private study or homework.

Students in Years 7-10 study the Think Faith curriculum, which offers 8 lessons each term focused on four topics each year. The curriculum uses the Bible as its foundational text and encourages students to think more deeply about the beliefs and tenets of the Christian faith whilst providing them with the tools to connect their learning with how Christians are called to live.

These connecting’s have been organised around three kinds of relating described by Jesus in John 15: relating to God, relating to others, and relating to the world. Click here to see the Think Faith scope and sequence.

The SRE teacher, Philip Wilson, is employed by Generate Ministries delivering the curriculum, “Think Faith”. Information on the curriculum can be found at

Provider Contact Details:

SRE Board: Ballina Christian Education Committee

Board Contact: Col Jarrett (Chairman)


Phone: 0407 300 013

Employer: Generate Ministries

Employer Email:

Employer Phone: 02 8042 2760

Authorised Providers:

St Marys Anglican Church Ballina - Anglican Diocese of Grafton

Life Church - Australian Christian Churches

C3 Church Ballina - C3 Church Australia (NSW)

Ballina Presbyterian Church - Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW) 

Salvation Army Ballina - The Salvation Army

St John The Baptist Anglican Church Lennox Head - Anglican Diocese of Grafton

Ballina Baptist Church - Baptist Union of NSW

Ballina Westside Community Church - Christian Community Churches of Australia

Seacoast Church Ballina - International Network of Churches

Ballina Uniting Church - Uniting Church in Australia (NSW Synod)

During enrolment, you can choose a special religious education option for your child from the school’s available approved providers. You can withdraw your child from special religious education by selecting alternative meaningful activities, or special education in ethics if it’s available.

You can update your preference by writing to the school or through the online form available at participating schools.
Visit the department’s website for more information about religion and ethics.