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Year 11 Ancient History Incursion – ‘Teotihuacan’

Three Ancient History classes (11AH.5, 11AH.A4 and 11AH.A5) will be participating in a Site Study ‘Teotihuacan’. 

Students will create a to-scale model of the site with annotations and group presentations relating to the archaeological data and significance. This will be held in the PAS for a full day.

3 Sessions:

- Scale-model build with group work

- Research and  Presentation session

- Film - 'Apocalypto' (MA 15+ permission note will be sent home for viewing - non-returned slips will have students supervised in a separate area.) 

Pizza lunch will be provided by Jake Parmenter and Jake Gardiner.


Cost: Nil

Travel: N/A

Staff: Jacob Gardiner and Jake Parmenter